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Episode 8: Sarah Lohman, part 2

January 24, 2012

200 year old cookies, the remix (photo courtesy Sarah Lohman)

Catch up with part 1 of my interview with Sarah.

Sarah teaches me the origin of the word “cookie.” She’s awesome enough to just rattle that off in conversation. She shares a 200 year old cookie recipe and walks me through making it contemporary.

I learn some really awesome historic cooking words that are no longer widely in use (a gill?! a coffin?!) and Sarah reads the most beautiful apple pie recipe ever.

Deborah’s Pantry, which Sarah mentions, is your go-to source for hard-to-find historic leavenings. For real.

Sarah cooked a moose face. Yup.

Moose mouffle stew (photo courtesy Sarah Lohman)

I tell my Antelope Helper story. It’s like Hamburger Helper, with extra backwoods.

I mention Ottomanelli, which is a butcher in my neck of the woods that carries wild game.

We talk bitters and Sarah shares the best vodka to use for infusing when you live in a state where Everclear is illegal.

I profess my undying love for Bonnie Slotnick. LOVE HER.

More info here on Sarah’s new lecture series.

Click play below to listen to Episode 8: Sarah Lohman, part 2

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